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Over ten years of experience in the construction industry

Have you ever called a plumber to fix a leak only to be left with a huge mess and holes in your wall? Did an electrician come to fix your power only to leave your walls and ceilings looking like swiss cheese? There’s a better option than continuing to live with holes in your walls and ceilings or trying to figure out how to patch the hole yourself. The Patch Boys repair holes of all sizes – whether you have one hole or a wall full of holes – so you can restore your sanity and get your beautiful home back.

The founders of The Patch Boys have over ten years of experience in the construction industry, and they noticed that large companies and the average handyman service simply wouldn’t take on small drywall and ceiling repair jobs, leaving people with nowhere to turn for help with holes, dings, and dents in their homes. The Patch Boys was created to fill that gap in the industry and give people somewhere to go for expertly executed small repair jobs.

No matter how big or small your hole, ding, or dent, The Patch Boys will send our highly-trained, expert technicians to fix it. We pride ourselves in turning houses back into homes in less time and with less mess than other services. The Patch Boys is America’s most trusted drywall repair company for a reason. We treat your home with the utmost respect and provide our customers with the highest quality services every time without exception.

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Seamless Patches,
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Our expert technicians specialize in drywall repair, ceiling repair, plaster repair, and drywall installation. No matter how small or big the job, The Patch Boys have you covered. We’ve fixed thousands of holes over the years, which has allowed us to develop a highly-advanced, incredibly efficient drywall and plaster repair process. Most jobs are completed the same day they begin. You won’t believe how seamlessly our patches blend in with the rest of your wall.

When you choose The Patch Boys, you can expect fast, high-quality service every time. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means we’re not satisfied with our work until you are. Our craftsmen respect your home like it’s their own and never leave any mess behind after the job is complete. Our goal is to leave your home more beautiful than we found it.

Every Patch Boys location is locally owned and operated by people who live and work in your community. We genuinely care about providing our neighbors with the best possible service, and our success depends on always acting with integrity, expertise, and respect.

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Our Services

Small repair jobs are our bread and butter. Unlike most construction and handyman companies, we’ll fix any hole, any size, any place. Our expert technicians will match the texture of your wall and flawlessly blend the patch in with its surroundings. You won’t even be able to tell there was a hole in the first place!

Dealing with a hole after a water leak? Looking to remove your outdated popcorn ceiling? We remove all kinds of textured ceilings and fix holes or dents left behind from accidents or leaks.

Uneven textured walls are not a good look at all. You want to have technicians that know how to match them up properly. The Patch Boys texture-matching team will restore your walls and ceiling so there are no marks, lines, or shadow in your walls.

Are you finally ready to finish that extra room, garage, or basement? We specialize in these small drywall installation projects. Our team can complete the entire project in less time than other companies and leave you with a beautiful, revitalized space.

Our experts can repair and revitalize your cracking or deteriorating plaster walls and save you the expense, mess, and inconvenience of replacing them completely. You don’t have to break the bank to make your walls look great again.

Do you have an old ceiling from the 1970's with the old popcorn look? Call the Patch Boys and watch us work our magic. We will remove your old popcorn ceilings and re-texture them with a fresh new up-to-date style to match your current home.

The Patch Boys are here to fix all the holes, dents, and dings in your walls and ceilings and turn your house into a home again. Holes happen. We make them disappear.
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