Great Article in “Veterans In Franchising”

Who does not like free publicity? we all do, but there is one thing better than free publicity, and that’s when professionals in the industry recognize your product as a “winner” and as a “success”!

We are more than proud to  read the Sept. issue of Franchising USA where they decided to put us on the front cover and rave about our franchise model, how it works, why it is so good, praising us for signing up 5 “Successful” franchisees in the first 6 months.

Now think about it, we said 5 “Successful” franchisees, could you imagine that in only a cupule of months we call them successful? Well, we do and with good reason.  Listen to what Bruce Perrault of our NH Franchise had to say. ” After only 3 months of opening the doors in NH, I had to hire more employees, so I can handle all the work coming my way” while we had similar praise from  a 4-month old franchisee Mr. Bill Bunting of our South Jersey (Cherry Hill) Franchise location.

We only started selling franchises in June of 2015, but the hard work to get to that point took almost 18 months of configuring the absolute best system to secure  great results and huge profits. We take a lot of pride in the process we have implemented in the franchise procedures in order to guarantee a smooth transition and a strong start straight out of the gate.

But don’t worry, we’re not sitting back and relaxing just yet, the process has just begin and we will continue to implement procedures and unique methods to ensure constant improvement in the process and make sure that we continue to grow  and be well represented across the nation and Canada.

Stay tuned, you ain’t seen anything yet!