Huge Success at The IFE Expo In NYC

Goldberger communicating with potential Franchise owners

Over 6,000 people stopped by our booth this long 3-Day weekend at the IFE expo at The Javitz Convention center in NYC.

as a record crowd of 25,000+ visitors and over 600 franchise exhibitors  flocked to NYC to showcase their product, The patch Boys booth was a major

hit among the attendees and franchise brokers as well. We had a complete set up of our unique model, along with our famous Patch Boys Smart Car along with many marketing materials and give-aways.

Potential franchise owners were very impressed with our process, from the Low Start up cost to the Low Overhead Cost, as they cam e back multiple times to inquire and ask more questions.

What I loved the most, said Leo Coldberger Founder and CEO, was the fact that everyone that stopped by, almost had the same reaction “I can use your service in my home right now” and that’s what our business model is all about.

People also raved about our process and unique ideas to turn a new franchisee into a quick success right out of the gate. The process we have in place allows you to  be up-and-running within 4-6 weeks and start doing work immediately. and that’s just one of the very few features  and ideas we have implemented in our franchise operating manual.

Our South Jersey Franchisee Bill Bunting stopping by and helping out.