The Patch Boys Opens 2 New Locations in IL

The patch Boys extended family is still abuzz with excitement with the opening of 2 new locations in IL. Location # 1 will be the Patch Boys of DuPage County and the 2nd location is the Patch Boys of Cook County North.

The DuPage County territory is owned by Mr. Bill Weber, a well-known and well-respected local entrepreneur, a   leader and local volunteer in his church and local community.

Not to be outdone is the 2nd location in North Cook County, where Kevin Chlada a young, energetic and committed man will own and run this great territory.

Both these men have qualities that makes them the perfect fit for these locations. Not only are they great business people, hard-working men and have the drive to get the job done, but they are also family men, committed husbands, devoted fathers, also God-Fearing individuals, enthusiastic and loyal church  members and all around great people that have a goal and purpose  in life.  It is that kind of commitment and dedication that will make these locations great and will be of great service to the locals respectively.

Families across the nations are quickly finding out the benefits and services of Patch boys location nationwide, and the people in DuPage and Cook County are about to see what the buzz is all about.

“I fell in love with this concept from the very first minute I saw it,” said Weber. “The concept is something that every single home owner can use, while there is not anyone that does this kind of services, continued Weber”.

Mr. Chlada was equally excited! “Anyone I told about the business I am looking into, had the same response – I can use you right now in my house”. “By talking with other franchise owners and hearing their quick success, I just knew I had to bring this service to Cook County and offer this great service”, added Chlada.

Patch Boys of DuPage County Owner Bill Weber with his lovely wife Mariah and their gorgeous granddaughter Eleanor

Leo Goldberger – the founder and president – was overwhelmed with this acquisition. “From the very first time I spoke with Bill Weber, I knew right there and then that I need to partner up with this man”, said Goldberger. “His outlook in business and in life generally is just perfect match for our vision and our process. His entrepreneurial experiences will be just an easy and natural transition into The Patch Boys concept and the people of DuPage will simply love the services Bill will bring to the community”.

Furthermore, Bill introduced fellow church member Kevin Chlada and it was pretty clear from the beginning that Kevin will indeed be a perfect fit for The Patch Boys of Cook County North. “I knew that Kevin will be a great addition to our all-star lineup of Franchise owners, simply by talking with him for 5 minutes”, Said Goldberger. “His manners, dedication and overall demeanor, makes him the perfect candidate for The patch Boys of Cook County North owner”.

About The Patch Boys

The Concept was founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Leo Goldberger, The Patch Boys has become synonymous with drywall repair. Recognizing that most general contractors and other trade industry professionals lack the time and resources to repair drywall damage caused by their services and other unforeseen forces, The Patch Boys strives to provide landlords, property managers, businesses and homeowners a reliable and efficient service to get their properties back to normal as quickly as possible.

In addition to working with homeowners, landlords and property management companies, The Patch Boys also subcontracts services directly to general contractors, roofers, electricians, plumbers, HVAC companies and other trade professionals who may not have the time or resources to repair damages to drywall as a result of their services. As an environmentally-conscious business, each Patch Boys team is equipped with a Smart car to keep fuel costs minimal while traveling to and from each job site. Moreover, a simple business model and proprietary computer technology allows Patch Boys franchise owners the luxury of operating the business from the comfort of their own homes.

For more information about the Patch Boys of Dupage County please visit or call (844)99-PATCH Ext 630. For more information about the Patch Boys of Cook County North, please visit or call (844)99-PATCH Ext 708.