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Take advantage of the P.A.S.T.E. program and own your exclusive small territory in your town and earn a nice living with the brand, people know and trust.  Scroll down to learn more about the P.A.S.T.E. opportunity.


The P.A.S.T.E. Program

The PASTE program was developed for the individual that is looking to develop a nice little business for himself, where he can go out every day and earn a nice living in his local area and run a low-key “One-Man Band” type of operation.

The territory sizes are noticeably smaller than the standard franchise opportunity, but there is room for growth and has a nice MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) population along with a respectable amount of potential growth in the particular area.

These franchise offerings are sold for half the amount that the “Standard Franchise” offering demands, and has all the same rules and regulations as the standard franchise agreement. This is a great hook for individuals that want to make a nice living in their county or in their city, without expanding into more complicated and larger areas.

Compensation and Potential

Just like with the “standard Franchise” opportunity, there is great potential and opportunity to develop this smaller-sized territory and turn it in to a profit-making machine. We will be provide you with a big enough territory that will allow you to run this full-time program for yourself , enjoying and benefiting the Patch boys concept and process to the fullest extend.

The Patch Boys “P.A.S.T.E.” franchise is a great opportunity for you if you’re just looking to  for a smaller type of company. Should you have inquiries about this or any other program, please feel free to reach out to us, and together we’ll figure out the right path for success.

Who We Are?

Watch this 60 second clip to get an idea of what we are all about and then reach out to us so one of our consultants can contact you and discuss the possibilities with you.