Serving Home Owners
For Over A Decade

Training & Support

trainingWe at The Patch Boys are all about commitment. We are not looking to sell a franchise and “hope” you do well, we’re here to grind together, work together, and grow together.

When you join The Patch Boys family, you will work very closely with training support team and learn all you need to know in every aspect of the company. Our business development team will spend time with you to teach you the secrets of the trade and providing you with all the experiences we have gained through the years.

Our support system begins at The Patch Boys headquarters in New York, where we will explain and train you how to become a successful business owner, how to attract clients, how to build your business into a success, and how to be the best you can be in your field. Once you have completed this vigorous training, we will visit your business, examine your territory and further work with you to assist you in implementing our success into your business.

But the training and support never stops! We will always be right by your side to help you achieve utmost potential, success and accomplishments. When you join The Patch Boys, you have signed up for a lifetime of support, comprehensive knowledge, leadership techniques, training, and experience.