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Welcome To “Share Your Patch”


Share Your Patch is a referral and rewards program through our headquarters, offering our clients an opportunity to introduce and share our services with family, friends and acquaintances who are not yet our clients. All participating referrers must first be a “The Patch Boys” client and then they are eligible to be part of this rewards program.

Easy as 1..2…3

This is a perfect WIN-WIN situation for you and you friend! All you have to do, is to recommend us to your friend, family, neighbor or co-worker and you send us their information and everyone wins.

You get a cool $20 bill, they get $20 off their job and they get their holes patched up in their home.

Do you have 100 friends? We’ll send you 100 $20 bills – There is no limit to this madness!

*Void where prohibited by law


How do you share Your Patch?

The “Share Your Patch” referral program lets Patch Boys clients to earn “Unlimited” $20 rewards by simply referring new clients to The Patch Boys family.

For each new client you bring, you will earn you a cool $20 bill and your new referral client will receive $20 off their first job as well.

Who qualifies for “Share Your Patch”?

Anyone that is already a Patch Boys client is eligible to refer as many new clients he or she wants.

How do I sign up with “Share Your Patch”?

Simply fill out the form on the left of this page and you’re ready to go.

Whom should I target for the “Share Your Patch” program?

You can target to as many friends as you need! You can reach out to friends, family, co-workers and neighbors! Anyone that has a potential to use our service is a solid referral and potential client.

Is there anyone that is NOT eligible for the “Share Your Patch”?

Anyone that already used our services or a person that has already received a referral invite from another person. There is only ONE referral program per new referral / client.

How does it all come together?

Once you made a referral and they signed up as a client, you will be notified via email and will receive your payment within 30 days, while the person you referred to us will receive their $20 coupon for her first job!

All payments, coupons and vouchers will be handled through the headquarters in Brooklyn, NY for any questions, you may contact us at